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For professionals who webdesign (like we do)

For more than a decade our team has built amazing websites and developed systems to create and maintain them.
The last two years we've dedicated our entire focus on imagining how custom web development could be streamlined for today's standards.

We invite you to join us, try it out for yourself and give us your honest feedback!

4 timesaving applications in one platform

A new home where everybody will work faster, smarter and better together!

The traditional webdesign processes are time consuming, redundant and outdated. The modern day browser technology and the mobile revolution standardized the industry. New webdesign creation tools are flooding the market. They all have one thing in common: remove the designer and or developer in the webdevelopment process.  

While there is certainly a place for this approach a lot of serious businesses will always need professionals to help them with their custom needs.

SiteManager uses the power of the cloud to bring all webdesign and development into one central platform. We empower designers, developers, webmasters, copywriters and marketers to work together with smart technology.

SiteManager Dashboard


Project and user management

SiteManager CMS


Freedom for webmasters

SiteManager Design


Effective Front-End Builder

SiteManager Developer


Effective Back-End Builder

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You are one of the first ones to be invited into our platform. Join us in revolutionizing custom webdesign and development. Try it out for free until you are ready to put your projects live. Oh, we also have a special discount for all our beta users. Thank you!

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Webdesign in the cloud

Dashboard - complete control

What if you had a central hub to manage all your projects? Give your clients specific access to the CMS application. Collaborate with other designers and developers. Completely forget about the setup and maintenance for your projects thanks to the power of the cloud.


  • Create and manage your projects
  • Collaborate with other designers and developers
  • Add CMS users
  • Activity Feed
  • Todo List
  • Support Center
  • Add Modules
  • Update your profile
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CMS - maximum flexibility

Most (open source) Content Management Systems are created by developers for developers.
SiteManager CMS is built from the ground up for non-technical webmasters.

The user experience is intuitive and easy to grasp. It focuses solely on the job of creating and editing content. For developers and designers, we have a separate integrated application that webmasters don't have access to.


  • Page Management
  • Drag & Drop Content Editor
  • Upgrade Store
  • SEO tools
  • Language Management
  • Multiple Layouts
  • File Manager
  • ...
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Design - that works

A website design is not a static picture. It is functional.
With our design application you can create beautiful web layouts directly inside the browser!
The days of slicing your design into HTML code are over.
Your work is mobile friendly and CMS ready right from the start. No setup or hosting provider required.

Very specific needs? No problem! Developers can build custom elements to the design library so there is literally no limit to what it can do.


  • Design inside the browser
  • Mobile friendly (responsive design)
  • 100+ library components
  • CMS ready
  • Color palette & scheme's
  • Create and edit styles
  • Custom fonts
  • No coding skills required
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Developer - unlimited power

Our Developer application is a smart code-friendly environment where you can develop faster then ever before.

You don't have to start from scratch and only have to focus on the custom features required for the project. You are the surgeon ready to operate only there where it is needed.

Create custom page elements and tell the system what parts of it should be editable. The SiteManager platform magically creates the backend code to make this happen. It's a real time saver! You can even code custom elements for the design application.

Get back your freedom to be creative!


  • Effective Back-end builder
  • Add & edit HTML
  • Add custom CSS
  • Add custom Javascript / jQuery
  • Add & edit Page Components
  • Add & edit Design Components
  • Add & edit Layout Components
  • Bootstrap 4 framework
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Introducing: SWAS

Software With A Service

We understand service is more than a knowledge base, some video tutorials and a ticketing system. 

Although these are very useful tools and we do use them, sometimes you need a real person to talk to.
Whether you need help before or during your project you can always turn to us for personal advice and support. We will even help you hook up with other designers, developers, marketeers or copywriters. Working together in smart technology is one of our key focuses.

The bottom line is: you are not alone in your endeavour.
Our customer success team is here for you! You can always call, mail or talk to us on this website and our platform.

We look forward to hear from you!

About Us

SiteManager is a small team with a big ambition to create the future of lean webdesign. Passionate about what we do, we like to share our vision and platform with the world. We are constantly upgrading and improving, implementing new trends and building better solutions and services.

We believe in creating long-term relationships, growing together, and treating our clients like partners.

CREATE .future

SHARE .passion

GROW .together
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Create Share Grow - core values of SiteManager
SiteManager - Grow together with our platform users!

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