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How to integrate Facebook albums into website

Upload your pictures in albums on you facebook page and sync automatically with your website. Always up-to-date!

16th January 2018


4 must have features of a design feedback tool

Collaboration between designers and developers is essential to complete a project as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2nd January 2015


Capture client feedback visually with Bugherd integration

Bugherd is the easiest way to communicate and get feedback from (non-technical) clients about the project. It's like sticky notes on a website.

20th November 2017


Customize your project dashboard with SiteManager Add-Ons

With SiteManager Add-ons you can upgrade the project and user management dashboard with additional functionalities and features.

13th November 2017


Story Chief: Save time in content creation and distribution!

‘Content is king’, ‘but distribution is queen and she wears the pants’. SiteManager integrates with Story Chief.

8th November 2018


SiteManager speaks at Digital First conference

What a great time we had at the Digital First conference. Many people were lining up to visit our booth, get a demo of our platform - and our newly released database module.

23th October 2017


SiteManager Databases speeds up development time like the Road Runner!

Beep! Beep! Our first major release for fall 2017 is here. With SiteManager Databases front-end developers can built complex back-end structures in no time.

17th October 2017

Case Study

New website for Zabra Real Estate generates 45% more leads

Zabra Real Estate approached Studio EasyBranding to develop its online brand identity and to deploy it throughout various touchpoints.

10th October 2017

Tips & Tricks

SEO Basics to Master for Building Better Websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t often a topic covered in graphic design courses, but it’s every bit as important as the other components in your website building toolkit.

11th July 2017

Tips & Tricks

5 new features in SiteManager you probably didn't know about!

In the past month SiteManager had some minor updates in its platform. Find out what those new features are.

6th July 2017

Tips & Tricks

The ultimate guideline to creating websites with SiteManager Studio

Follow these 5 steps to optimize your web design workflow. This SiteManager blueprint will get you going in no time.

3rd July 2017


Why you should collaborate with freelancers to scale your agency

Our guide will help you understand the why and how of using freelancers to scale your studio or agency to set you on the path to project success.

26th June 2017


How to choose the ideal website creation tool?

Whether you’re an agency, studio, professional web designer, or someone who just wants to create their first website, finding the right software for the job is critical.

13th June 2017


3 Vital Things to Understand About Sitemaps (You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner!)

Before you dive in, understanding these 3 crucial points about sitemaps will serve you well

2nd June 2017


Why we rebuild the visual CMS interface from scratch

Learn more about how the innovative SiteManager visual CMS interface got even better for you and your end-clients.

19th May 2017


How to prepare your next small business website project

This guide will show you how you can craft a preparation plan to speed up website creation and ensure your client’s (and your own) online success.

15th May 2017


How to use Google services to give your clients' website a kickstart launch

Your clients' website is finally ready to go live. And when it’s published, the first question is likely to be, “When will my website be visible in search results?”...

18th April 2017


5 tips when building a popup modal for your website

Use this checklist to build and design your own popup modal with SiteManager. An effective way to catch the attention of your online audience.

10th April 2017


Teamleader Forms: A smart way to capture emails online

Easily install, build and design custom forms. Start converting visitors into qualified leads, fully synced with your Teamleader CRM.

27th March 2017


How to create high quality responsive website galleries?

This integration empowers SiteManager users to install beautiful responsive image galleries on their website, integrated with Google Photos and Flickr.

17th March 2017


Crush your deadlines! Start from a SiteManager project.

SiteManager projects, a library of professionally designed pre-build projects. This library empowers designers to set-up and design websites when deadlines are tight!

13th March 2017


The fastest way to design websites for mobile devices

The SiteManager design editor has been updated to render your website in a tablet and mobile phone while designing.

8th March 2017


New favicon generator module for your website

Upload any picture (.JPG, .PNG, .GIF) and SiteManager generates all favicon formats so they work on any device.

20th February 2017


Why we switched from WordPress to SiteManager

WordPress templates aren’t made for editing. As a real timesaver, the SiteManager platform enables Atelier per Twee to work towards budget again!

25th January 2017
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