5 new features in SiteManager you probably didn´t know about!

SiteManager grows stronger each week by getting many updates. Not everything is written down in our weekly newsletter. Here are 5 new features that we released in the past month:

1. New Theme

We released a new theme Wilson.
Wilson is great for your portfolio website. With a side header menu it makes your project unique.

wilson new sitemanager theme

2. Upload SVG Files

Vector images are becoming increasingly common on the web. SVG provides a scalable, responsive and fast alternative to standard images with the primary benefit being that they look crisp and sharp across any device and they are typically smaller in file size.

With all modern browsers supporting SVGs, it's now possible to upload those files in SiteManager CMS and Design. Even your logo can be SVG.

3. Clickable Logo

One of the many requests we got was to make your logo clickable without using the developer app.

Go to the 'Edit Logo' on the settings page.
If you like to link your logo to your homepage or any other page within the website, you can simply select your desired page. 

4. Upload Custom Fonts

Whether you’re creating a new SiteManager project or simply customizing a theme, custom fonts can really transform your website’s style.
SiteManager Design: Adding custom fonts

5. Redesign The Lightbox

Many page components use our default lightbox. Now you can style it any way you want.
You can install the design element located at Footer -> Special Elements -> Prettyphoto

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