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Clone your Project

The power of cloud webdesign.

We are very proud at the feature update we released this month. At first glance you might think that copying a project on any cloud platform is a trivial task. However a SiteManager project is very complex. It contains a database driven CMS, design editor and developer  application. All are integrated with each other and very customizable.

Copy entire websites in one click!

As the title suggests copying one of your website projects in the SiteManager platform is as easy as pressing a button.
Visit our step by step tutorial here.

Copy a website in one click.

What are your benefits?

The obvious reason is if you want to create a similar website. For instance: when you have another product mini-site or related event coming up. Why not start from the work you have already done the first time?

It can also be very useful if you need to create a website with custom features that you have developed before.

Sometimes you might want to experiment with a project that is already live on the web. Just copy the website and go from there.
If you are working in a certain sector you can now build a master project to start from.
Copying a SiteManager website project is easy: it duplicates the content files, the database driven CMS, design layouts and all developer code in a couple of seconds!
Dieter Crombez
Dieter Crombez
CTO SiteManager
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