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Custom background

New CMS login page

We are always looking for new and neat ways to make SiteManager a more personal experience for our users (and their clients). This update is a nice example of how an idea evolved using this mindset. We started off by re-designing the CMS login page to a similar look as the Dashboard login.

The Dashboard login page is where designers and developers login to create and manage all their projects. The CMS login page is a seperate login page for an individual website. The CMS login page is used by the clients of the creators to edit the content of their website.
SiteManager old login screen

Old CMS login screen

New SiteManager login screen

New CMS login screen

Custom background for all projects

Looking at our new login design it hit us! Wouldn't it be cool if our users could add their own background image? This way every time their clients log in their CMS they would see the background of our users, strengthen their agency brand and business.

We updated the account section in the dashboard with this feature.

(custom background for all created projects)

We are always looking for new and neat ways to make SiteManager a more personal experience.

Custom background for one specific project

Talking  about the personalised login page it came to us that it would be awesome if a project could have it's own background image. By doing this you create an even more personalised experience for your client. Think about it. If you have a client that for example sells horse saddles, you could upload a background image showing one of their products.

Check out how we updated the settings page in the dashboard with this feature.
Personal CMS login screen

(custom background for a specific project)

Change is the only constant

When we started with a meaningless small update in redesigning our CMS login page we saw an opportunity to add something personal. We hope you like it! We look forward to seeing the personal backgrounds you create for yourself and your clients.

Want to learn more about how to add a custom background? Read more about how to do it here:

Dieter Crombez
Dieter Crombez
CTO SiteManager
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