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SiteManager Add-Ons

Customize and optimize your project dashboard

With SiteManager Add-Ons you can upgrade the project and user management functionalities linked to your SiteManager account.
Once installed, these add-ons can be used for all your projects.

We roll out this feature with 3 Add-Ons to pick from. As with all our libraries we have tons of ideas planned for future releases. With Add-Ons you will be able to set-up your optimal project workflow, using integrated productivity apps and SiteManager custom-built solutions.

1. Add custom support for your clients

When your clients are working in the SiteManager CMS they can reach you using a support button. You can set-up this support button any way you like. You can built a support page with a contact form or link directly to your ticketing platform. The choice is yours. 

You only need to built your support button once: it will be shown in all your project instantly.
Custom client support

2. Co-branding

Every project has a custom url to login to the CMS application. You can change the background for this login page with your own picture. If you like, you can even upload a custom background for every project. Every time your client visits the visual CMS to update his website he, or she, sees your branded background.
SiteManager custom CMS login background
If you have a SiteManager Studio Agency plan (or higher), you can take the co-branding experience one step further. You can add two more buttons to the CMS top bar, next to the client support button. You can use these buttons for whatever you like: add a news section about your business or try to up-sell additional services.

To top it off, you can add your company logo before the SiteManager logo.
Co-branded SiteManager CMS

Co-branded SiteManager CMS

3. Get client feedback

With bugherd you can capture client feedback visually. It's a great tool and we are writing a seperate blog article about it next week. For now you can try it out and read the full documentation by clicking the link below.


We hope you are enjoying these first SiteManager Add-Ons. If you have any questions or ideas what you would like to see next let us know in the comments below.

Dieter Crombez
Dieter Crombez
CTO SiteManager
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