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SiteManager Highlights 2018 - What's Next?

2018 was an exciting year for us. We've created new features. We've updated older ones. We've redesigned our entire platform. We've hired new people. We've set up new projects.

January 31st our CEO Alexander Hoogewijs is hosting a What's Next session. In this webinar he'll talk about what you can expect from us in 2019.

But first, let's take a look at what we've accomplished the past year:

Platform Redesign

In 2018 we've also redesigned our platform in several stages. The platform looks so much better now and feels more intuitive, as it looks similar to other web applications that use material design.

The old design on the left, the redesigned platform on the right.

New Features and Integrations

We know our users love new features, so in 2018 we've added several new features and integrations to the platform.

New website templates

We've expanded our template library with 5 beautiful website templates: Valerio, Chromatis, Renato, Mira and Lauren.

Expert Classes

In september 2018 we started hosting our Expert Classes. In this series of webinars we want to help our users learn from industry experts about topics like search engine optimization, social media, ecommerce, marketing, etc.

So far we've hosted three:

Learning Center

Just before the end of the year, we launched the beta version of our Learning Center. The first courses are meant to help new and existing users to work with the different applications of the platform.

Haven't checked out the learning center yet? You can find it here.

The learning center will help users working with the platform.

Continued Growth

More agencies and freelance web professionals are finding their way to SiteManager. When we launched our web design platform two years ago, our users launched two new websites per month.

In 2018 people were publishing two new websites per day.

We also partnered up with investor TheCoFoundry, enabling us to continue our growth, Simon (front-end developer) and Arn (marketer) joined our team, and our old offices quickly became too crowded. We've now moved to a new bigger office.

What's Next?

Excited about 2019? So are we. There are a lot of projects and new features we'll be working on.

Want to know more?

Attend our What's Next webinar on January 31st at 16:00 (CET). SiteManager's CEO Alexander Hoogewijs will tell you more about our plans for 2019 and answer any of your questions.