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How to integrate facebook albums into website

Imagine …  you need to build a new website for your SMB client. Chances are high your customer will ask you to create a portfolio page as well. Everyone wants to show realizations! As a web professional, it’s easy to set up this type of pages in minutes. But how will this page look like, a couple of months after release? Still up-to-date? New portfolio items, project, albums,...?

Only upload once

Especially smaller businesses often lack time to maintain all content sources. Especially with photos. If they find the time to upload photos in an album they do it on Facebook. It makes sense. It’s super easy to upload the pictures from their phone to the mobile Facebook app. So, why should we ask them to upload the same content on their website as well?

Content Aggregation

Content is everywhere. People like, comment, post, and share content the entire day. In our opinion, we think a future-proof website CMS should act like a content aggregator. Collect content from other sources and (if needed) enrich the content with custom branding, additions information,... That’s why we already integrated with Storychief, Flickr galleries, Teamleader, Mailchimp... Now we are integrating with Facebook albums as well.

Customize album branding in design application

Facebook album integration for SiteManager

Upload facebook albums from the upgrade store > section integrations > facebook albums. It’s super easy to set up! Just add the facebook page name and choose whether to add all albums,  just one or exclude albums. Once set up, the albums will be synced automatically with facebook. Your website will always be up-to-date.

In the design application, you will be able to change the album style: font, color, overlay, hoover,... that way the album will perfectly blend with the corporate style of the website. 

We hope you will like this integration.  Just one more question … if you can choose, what would be our next integration?

Alexander Hoogewijs
Alexander Hoogewijs
CEO SiteManager
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