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SiteManager integrates with Story Chief

Say 'Hi' to multichannel content performance

In 2003, WordPress started an open source initiative with a single bit of code. In no time it became the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world.

A lot has been changed over the years. Your website isn’t the only medium on which your content is distributed. You just can’t deny the importance of other native channels, as for example: facebook instant articles, apple news, medium, ...

Many SMB’s are struggling with this new way of content distribution. Well written articles don’t reach the targeted audience and marketeers lose a lot of time publishing the articles on different channels. In the end they are missing the data to analyse the overall content performance.

Save time in content creation and distribution

Story Chief content distribution
That’s where Story Chief comes in. Story Chief let you distribute content from one place to different marketing channels. Create highly engaging stories which match the look and feel of your channels. It’s all about saving time in content creation and distribution. Whether you’re a freelancer, startup, copywriter or a content expert for an agency, Story Chief offers you the best experience to create, publish and measure your digital presence.

It’s obvious there is a clear match between SiteManager and the Story Chief vision. At SiteManager, we reduce both production & maintenance time in a web design process and offer innovative ways to scale capacity for agencies and web professionals. 
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However content should be distributed on different channels, we still believe a website is the only channel to stand out with a total branded experience. That’s why we decided to integrate.

SiteManager is now an official Story Chief channel. Content created in Story Chief will automatically be pushed to your SiteManager site at a scheduled date. The entire look and feel of the article and the article grid automatically adapts to the general website style. Of course you can edit the layout in the SiteManager design application And this, without writing a single line of code!

Find out how to integrate Story Chief: Knowledge base - Story Chief integration

Wondering how to save more valuable business time? Do the math yourself! #savetimeinwebdesign
Alexander Hoogewijs
Alexander Hoogewijs
CEO SiteManager
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