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SiteManager Databases speeds up development time
like the Road Runner. Beep! Beep!

Plug & play databases

A SiteManager database can be any structure for your website containing a rendered list of items linked to a detail page. The best known example in the web atmosphere is of course a blog. Just like the page you are reading now.

The main feature of SiteManager Databases is that it can be built in any shape or form using the design and developer application. It can be used for portfolios, product catalogues, blogs, real estate sheets or anything else you can imagine.

All of this is possible without back-end development or actual MySQL database programming.

Like it? Here is how it works!

A developer can install pre-made databases in the web project or built a database from scratch. The database input form for the detail page is created in a similar way as a single page component. So, if you already know how to use SiteManager developer, you will experience a fast learning curve.

A database sheet contains dynamically created categories, filters and order fields that are used for the visualisation of the list component.
SiteManager plug and play databases

(install plug and play databases)

The Designer can style the database list component and detail pages in the design editor.
database styling for designers

(designers can style both list components and detail pages)

A CMS user can easily manage the database. Simply go to the page where the database list is located and click on the detail button to open the input form. They can also add new entries to the database or delete them.

(database management for the visual CMS)

The structure and design of the database are managed by the designers and developers. This can not be altered by the CMS users (end-client).

Check out our full database documentation here:

Try SiteManager Databases out yourself!

If you haven’t signed up for SiteManager yet (*you really should!*), create your account below.
You can use all features from SiteManager (including databases) for free for as long as you like. When you are ready to publish websites online is you will need to upgrade.

If your account is activated login to the SiteManager dashboard.
Go to the settings page of your project. Click premium modules and next to language management you will see databases. After you added it to the project, you will be able to add as many databases to the project as you like.

Change is the only constant

We have worked really hard, the last couple of months, towards this release. And we are very proud of what SiteManager databases can do today. However, we already have some neat expansions planned for the future.

One thing we already want to mention is, that in the coming weeks and months, SiteManager themes will be released with working databases.

So stay tuned for that (and signup for our newsletter below), but for now:

Dieter Crombez
Dieter Crombez
CTO SiteManager
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