SiteManager speaks at Digital First conference

The leading digital gathering in Belgium

With more than 4300 visitors and a decade of experience, Digital First is the go-to conference for professional creatives in Belgium.

Digital First helps you to understand how digital changed the way businesses, governments and consumers interact with the physical and digital world.

For this 12th edition, all aspects of the Digital industry were represented: IoT (Smart Things, Intelligent Things, Intelligent Apps), Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation, Ecommerce, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Adaptive Security Architecture, Data growth and storage capacities and many more.

(Tour & Taxis, Brussels - home of Digital First)

Rocking the booth

We had a blast at Digital First. Many inspiring people visited us and got a personal hands-on demo with Hendrik. It was very heart warming to see many of our clients come by the booth and say hi.

The first response to our newly released database module (- only announced two days before Digital First -) was extremely positive. We are very excited for what the future holds and can not wait to show you some of the stuff we are working on right now!

SiteManager at digital first 2017

Calm before the storm - Hendrik preparing the booth

Keynote Alexander Hoogewijs - CEO SiteManager

7 Reasons why cloud eats software for breakfast

Alexander Hoogewijs was honoured to be one of the keynote speakers at Digital First. At 14h45 he discussed how cloud technology is rapidly impacting sales and marketing processes in every business. He also talked about smart technologies and how they are changing the way we connect and collaborateHe explained the shift from organic tool-stacks to cloud based platforms and how AI will enrich the work experience.

Alexander Hoogewijs - keynote speech Digital First 2017

(Alexander Hoogewijs - keynote speech Digital First 2017)

Needless to say we loved our first time at Digital First. We can not wait to get back next year and show you all the progress we made over the coming year.

See you in Brussels!

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