The ultimate guideline to creating websites with SiteManager

5 Steps to optimize your web design workflow

Even if the end-results are amazing and totally worth it, learning a new platform can be challenging. At SiteManager we strive to make this process as painless as possible. You can contact us for a personal demo, book a online training or start with a onboarding tutorial project. We are always here to help.

In this article we discuss the five production phases when you work with SiteManager Studio. Read more about how to interact with your clients and prepare their business website.

1. Setup phase

You have 3 options when you start a new website project. Start from scratch, start from a layout or start from a predefined theme. Predefined themes are highly customisable website templates, prefilled with content.

Next you set the color palette to the colors of your choice. Add Google web fonts, Adobe TypeKit or upload your own fonts to use in designing a general style for your project. This general style is a list of elements that are used by designers and developers when building or using library components for the visual CMS. 

If you started from scratch you need to create your first content layout using the design editor.

2. Content Phase

Install the page components and CMS system features from the upgrade store you need for your website. 

After you added the initial content in the visual CMS you style the content in the design editor. You should also create layout variants (if needed) and check your responsive web design for tablets and smartphones.

3. Custom development

SiteManager is loaded with design elements, page components, themes and layouts to build unique websites. 

With the Developer application you can edit all these library components or build your own. As a front-end developer you use our innovative back-end builder to make your front-end code editable in the visual CMS for your end-clients.

If you need to integrate your own back-end code you can use Angular or another javascript library like React.js.

4. SEO

Google has a lot of tools to help you optimize the SEO for your web pages. SEO features like meta tags can be added from the upgrade store. You should also install Google Analytics and Open Graph module.

We also just released a new sitemap module where we autocreate the sitemap for you.

5. Go Live

When you are ready you want to publish your website online. On the settings page of your project you will find a Go Live button. Only activated SiteManager Accounts can put their websites live. Click here to see what plan fits you and your bussiness best.

Before we go live you need to pay your hosting plan and attach a domainname. You can buy a domainname with SiteManager but you can also link a domainname you have registered elsewhere.

The full workflow guideline articles are available for you on our knowledge base. You might want to bookmark this guideline and keep coming back to it when you are building your next website.

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