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Cloud Web Design Service

The best way of collaborating with freelancers.

A cloud web design service is the best way to scale your agency resources. Innovate your business by integrating a cloud-based freelance service. Grow your business, without the struggles of working with freelancers in a traditional way.

Web design freelancers

A flexible solution for growing businesses

Create the future

Cloud Freelancers more efficient

Work Efficiency

Our cloud freelancers use SiteManager’s state of the art cloud technology to speed up work efficiency and decrease delivery times.

Cloud freelancing dependency

100% ownership

Gain full control over your projects with the SiteManager dashboard. Make changes yourself while keeping the production process clean.

Cloud freelancers at fixed prices

Fixed Prices

Fixed pricing solves the conflict of interest of working with hourly rates. Secure project margin from the very beginning. 

Cloud freelancers scalable capacity

Go-to Team

We provide you with a qualified team of skilled web professionals that offer a solution to your day to day business challenges. 

Shaping a Solid B2B Partnership

Built to last

Partner for Agencies

We build your projects in the most efficient way with the highest quality standards. We believe this is a great foundation of a strong and healthy B2B relationship. Our experts take your web design project to the next level. Our support agents act as personal web design coaches.

B2B web development service for agencies
Smooth freelance workflows

Smooth workflows

Our cloud freelancers are not only hyper-efficient, they're also used to working with professional agencies. This way we've developed smooth and flexible workflows that will bring you peace-of-mind. 

A pilot project as a first step

We know that partnerships need to be considered thoughtfully. We want to offer you the chance to evaluate our work through a pilot project. It's up to you to decide whether we are the right partner for your business

Freelance web design project

The Freelance Challenge

There are common challenges of working with freelancers in a traditional way. Learn how cloud freelancers work different and help you to scale your business.

Freelance web design service

A high-quality service designed for agencies

to grow your business

Single point of contact

Your project manager has coding experience and understands your business.  Depending on your the scope he will allocate the right resources to your project.

Fixed project prices

Project margins should be crystal clear from the early beginning, We think fixed project prices are the most transparent way to organise freelance work.

Quotes at light speed

A fast customer’s response time is crucial when you want to close deals. That’s why you want a quick but accurate indication on the freelance development cost.

Short delivery times

Our internal scalable capacity guarantees very short project lead times by default. In case of an urgency we can discuss to go the extra mile and meet your craziest deadlines.

Flexible payment terms

Development cost could be spread over a 12 months payment term. Optimising your cash flow, could generate the financial oxygen to grow your business.

Cloud Technology

Our freelancers use the most advanced cloud technology to build your web projects. Goodbye hidden cost of maintenance, support, updates and patches.

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By working with cloud freelancers I regained complete control of my web design projects.