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    Steve - Full Stack Developer

Stop wasting time slicing HTML & coding CMS forms.
Enjoy back-end automation!

Goodbye repetitive work

Custom web development is a time-consuming job. SiteManager Developer makes front- & back-end development faster than ever.

Many redundant tasks have been eliminated and/or automated. The deep integration with SiteManager Design produces clean coded layouts. Our effective back-end builder automagically turns your front-end code in easy to use forms for the visual CMS.

You no longer need to code everything from scratch. Just like a surgeon, you only operate where custom development is truly needed

Steve's story

Steve used to build websites with Wordpress. Whenever Sarah, the graphic designer, sends him a new design he spends many hours coding the responsive layout, setting up the hosting, CMS etc. Small change-request from the client like adjusting the blue background color on the homepage banner could be fixed only by Steve. Every month he had to update Wordpress and its plugins to a new version for all his clients. Sometimes plugins even broke. There had to be a better way.

Today Steve and Sarah use SiteManager. Sarah can update small design changes herself and Steve can focus again on cusom development, the job he loves.

Developer Features & Benefits

6 reasons why Steve loves SiteManager

Back-end automation

With our effective back-end builder, you transform static front-end code into an editable CMS component without back-end programming.

Front-end editor

Add or edit custom CSS, JavaScript or HTML to any Design or CMS element of your website with our easy-to-use front-end code editor.

Design integration

No more HTML slicing. Designers create responsive, CMS-driven layouts coded in the Bootstrap 4 framework that are ready to use.

No setup

Forget about hosting and CMS setup. Get secure developer access to the website project from the SiteManager dashboard.

Component library

Why reinvent the wheel? The SiteManager upgrade store and design library are filled with components you can tweak and edit.

Zero maintenance

No hustle. Your website's future updates and patches are automatically pushed through the SiteManager cloud platform.

How does SiteManager Developer work?

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Powerful back-end builder

Built custom page or layout components for SiteManager CMS. Full back-end automation: no need to configure the MySQL database or PHP script.

Step1: Add custom front-end code (HTML, CSS, JS)
Step2: Create CMS input fields
Step3: Replace static code with CMS input variables

You can also edit all pre-build CMS components and design elements.

Design framework

SiteManager Design codes responsive layouts in Bootstrap 4. Developers familiar with Bootstrap will feel right at home as you can use all features of this amazing framework.

On top of that, SiteManager also has custom CSS classes for buttons, tiles and images. When the designer updates the design, your components will automatically adapt.

For the implementation of colors in your CSS, HTML or JavaScript, you can use the color palette variables from SiteManager Design. In a similar way as the custom CSS classes, the colors will always stay consistent.

Plug & Play Databases

A SiteManager database is a structure containing a rendered list of items linked to a detail page.

You can install pre-made databases that you can edit and tweak afterwards. Built your own database using the design and developer application. It can be used for portfolios, product catalogues, blogs, real estate sheets or anything else you can imagine.

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Custom Back-end

Custom development that requires server-side scripting (PHP, ASP, .NET, ...) or a database connection (API) outside the SiteManager platform can easily be integrated using AngularJS (or other javascript library like React).

Step 1: Place HTML code in SiteManager Developer component
Step 2: Add AngularJS/React library
Step 3: Connect to external server side script

Part of SiteManager Studio

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Visual CMS

Enjoy an easy way to edit content for your website.

Project Management

Manage all your websites in one central cloud platform.

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