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A powerful back-end builder for front-end coders on a bootstrap 4 responsive framework.

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4 Reasons how developers save time

We eliminated and automated many redundant tasks. The effective back-end builder automagically turns your front-end code in easy to use forms for our visual CMS.

Developer features

SiteManager - Code Editor

Front-end editor

Add or edit custom CSS, JavaScript or HTML to any Design or CMS element of your project. 
SiteManager - Project Setup

Easy Setup

Hosting, CMS setup and updates automatically pushed through the cloud platform. 
SiteManager - Component Library

Component library

Numerous pre-build components from which you can tweak and edit the code.
SiteManager - CSS Classes

CSS Classes

Buttons, tiles and images use easy CSS classes to edit design efficiently. 
SiteManager - Color Variables

Color variables

Implement the color palette variables in your HTML, CSS or javascript.
SiteManager - Code Editor

Clean code editor

Editor with autocompletion, code themes, emmet plugin, editor commands, error linting,...

Seamlessly Integrated

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What people say...

Code editor front-end developer

Michel Smekens

We can set up a custom integration with our own platform in the developer application, while a non-technical person manages the content and design via the other applications. This is very valuable to us. 

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