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The SiteManager platform empowers agencies and web professionals to scale their web design business by building design systems that improve the workflow and collaboration between designers, coders and end-clients.

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Enjoy design consistency, start with a global stylesheet.

Eliminate repeating work. The global stylesheet produces reusable CSS classes, fonts, icons, and a persistent color palette. Changes are applied instantly to the entire project. Fully extendable with your custom components for infinite combinations.
Think smart, design global.

Style stunning websites with absolute design precision.

Define the look and feel of every element without coding. Get visual feedback on your changes before applying them. Hover over elements to get its properties like type, class, width, height, margin, and padding. 

Click, style, save, done.

Build beautiful component layouts with grid editor.

Be one of the first to experience a new way of designing fluid web components. Our innovative grid editor features full breakpoint control, element drag and drop, border snapping, stacked layers, repeatable structures, and customizable grid properties.

When I look at it now, switching my web design tool from a sitebuilder to SiteManager was a small change for me but had a big impact for my business and customers.

Bert Jonckheere

Design Features

CMS integration

Design your website with real content. All components work directly with CMS data. 

Design and content are separate ensuring brand consistency for your project.


Trigger the animation of any element on reveal when scrolling. 

Customize the behavior, direction, duration, and delay settings.

Clean code

SiteManager automatically translates your design into clean, semantic HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript code. 

We call it "design that works".

Developer friendly

Experience optimal collaboration between different skillsets on the same platform. 

All components have a code and design engine seamlessly working together.

Structural logic

There are three types of behavioral properties for each section on your page. 

These are layout, page, or database components.


Dynamic components allow you to edit their functionality settings.

Change the properties of included JavaScript libraries without coding.

Cloud assets

Design websites in the browser and access your project anywhere.

No more saving of files on your computer or hand off to developers.

Multiple layouts

Design different types of dynamic layouts for your project.

Link components between layouts with synchronized style properties.

Fonts collection

Add Google web fonts to your project or upload custom fonts.

Adobe Typekit Fonts can be easily integrated with Typekit id.

Design fluid responsive sites, optimized for every device.

Bring your creative vision to life on desktop, laptop, tablets, and mobile. Make style changes on the fly with visual feedback. Set different flexbox and grid layout properties per breakpoint.
Design built for the web.

Start with flexible templates or design from scratch.

Every design and structural aspect of our starter templates can be tweaked and changed to your liking. Create a custom template to speed up your design process significantly. Start from a blank canvas? No problem.
Experience design freedom for unlimited creativity.

Project Showcase

Designed by SiteManager Agencies

  • Herbé
    Minimal design with subtle animations for heritage specialists Herbé.
  • Il Granito
    Out of the box concept website with slick transitions between sections.
  • Cécile
    Landingspage for allround food and event concept Cécile.

SiteManager Studio

Collaborative web design platform

An intuitive no-code editor for designers to build CMS driven websites at lightning speed.
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A powerful front-end code editor to unleash your creativity. Built custom back-end solutions and integrations.

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An easy-to-use visual content editor built from the ground up for non-technical end-clients.
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Empower your team to work together more efficiently in smart timesaving technology.
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