Migrate Your Figma Styling to SiteManager

Free Website Wireframe Kit

Kickstart your next web design project with our free Figma website wireframe kit. 

From Figma to a Responsive Website 

Why you will love it 

Save time and energy by migrating your Figma Styling into SiteManager in a matter of minutes. We made sure the process is quick and easy, so you can spend your time on what's most important: creating your next masterpiece. During the migration, your styles, typography, structures, and colours are moved to SiteManager. Once the transfer process is complete. you can start making magic on SiteManager. 


Why wireframes work 

Wireframing is a quick and effective way to identify usability issues early on in your design process. It's an excellent technique to simplify your workflows and optimise your design schedule. It's a great tool to get your clients and colleagues to focus on what you want them to think about early in the design process. By utilizing wireframes, you can catch problems early, and save time on revisions later. Our website wireframe kit is built according to design system best practices. 


What is a design system?

With the atomic design principles, Brad Frost can be seen as one of the engineers of modern design systems. According to his creative theory, atomic design can be broken down in five specific levels: Atoms, Molecules, Organisms, Templates and Pages. Read more on our blog: How atomic design supports a stellar design system.  

In relation to web design, design systems streamline the website implementation workflow by offering the team a well-documented, single source of truth to create experiences from a predefined set of elements. In doing so, a design system improves collaboration and eliminates redundant activities. It streamlines how code, design, and content blend together to create a better experience and a better final product for the customer. Read more about design system on this page: Design systems guide - How to build design systems to scale your web design workflow.  

Figma encourage users to follow design system best practices. 


SiteManager loves Figma 

Figma is a browser based interface design application. They claim the name collaborative interface design tool. Which means the online platform is perfect for teams of designers simultaneously working on the same project. And that's exactly the reason why we love it. We share the philosophy of 'Nothing great is made alone', since we believe the best web designs are created once you unify the skills of designers, coders, and developers. 

It's better when we're together 

With SiteManager, you build, launch, collaborate, and manage sites your clients love. We're not here to kick out anyone from the team. We believe in the power of collaboration. Let us show you how.