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A free Figma wireframe kit from SiteManager

Turn your global stylesheet into a fascinating website. 

Speed up your
design workflow

This free wireframe kit is ideal for creating beautiful, seamless, large-scale design projects, faster. You have the opportunity to pull templates from a massive library of ready-made layouts, components, and symbols, allowing you to focus on what really matters: creating beautiful designs (rather than building repeatable processes from the ground up each time).

Build immersive experiences in a few clicks

SiteManager comes with a library of prebuild components that cover up to 75% of the average representation site. Components are fully functional, CMS and design-ready. Your customers will love this easy content experience, beautifully separated from the more advanced design and code functionalities. Our wireframe facilitates rapid prototyping, so you can test your ideas early on and iterate quickly.

Use grid to align
and go custom

SiteManager understands specific needs of designers and coders. Use our no-code design engine or low code developer tools to create custom functionalities if needed. Build components from scratch, using state-of-the-art design system best practices, add languages, databases, permissions.... We have got you covered!