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Use SiteManager's website engine on top of your SaaS platform

Launch no-code websites at lightning speed, pre-filled with content & features from your SaaS solution. 

Build websites, integrated with your SaaS, in one click with these killing features

Delight your users with pre-filled landings pages and mini sites fully integrated with your SaaS Solution.

API Call

With this special function your can load custom code from other servers in your project.  

Dynamic Snippets

Build page components visually with API snippets to synchronise with users' data from your SaaS.

Single Sign On

Launch SiteManager's platform with a click from inside your SaaS platform. 

Private Libraries

Save your Api driven snippets, components and templates in personal libraries and boost scalability.                     


Use our community of SiteManager agencies, to offer your end-clients custom brand services if needed.


List your solution in SiteManager's toolstack to make your SaaS easy accessible for everyone. 
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These are some of our SaaS cases .... What's yours?

Offering websites is an up-sell opportunity for many SaaS industries. Use our engine on top of your SaaS and grow your MRR. 

Hospitality sites with Resengo.

Fully integrated with SiteManager, Resengo launches websites in no-time by using the client's data available in their platform.

By offering end-to-end solutions for digital presence Resengo increases user satisfaction and retention. 


Real Estate sites with Whise.

Connect SiteManager platform with Whise and launch real estate websites on the fly. 

Your real estate data will synchronise automatically and be published as native content on your website.

Ready to score online!

SiteManager Studio

Collaborative web design platform

An intuitive no-code editor for designers to build CMS driven websites at lightning speed.
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A powerful front-end code editor to unleash your creativity. Built custom back-end solutions and integrations.

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An easy-to-use visual content editor built from the ground up for non-technical end-clients.
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Empower your team to work together more efficiently in smart timesaving technology.
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