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Faster development cycles and LEAN collaboration equals bigger margins!

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Managing and maintaining websites is a painful experience. Hosting and Content Management Systems need to be updated and patched regularly. Designers and developers use different software, and it's hard to get a project overview.

SiteManager created one dashboard to rule them all. All your projects are managed from one central hub. Designers and developers collaborate more efficiently in the same platform. 0% maintenance, 100% scalability.

Caitlyn's story

Caitlyn is the project manager at a renowned web design agency.
She noticed that building similar website projects always took the same amount of time to complete. Sarah, the designer, depended on the development team even when the client requested some small design changes. Caitlyn was always under pressure to meet deadlines and stay within the project budget. She kept a spreadsheet of all project information such as hosting, CMS version, CMS users and development status.

Caitlyn started looking for a solution that made herself and the team more efficient. SiteManager gave her the perfect project overview. The team started working faster and better together. Result? The agency's profit margin grew 42%.

Dashboard Features & Benefits

6 reasons why Caitlyn loves SiteManager

More profit

SiteManager contains 4 time-saving applications that crush every deadline and raise profit margins for every project up to 40%.

Project library

Start from one of the many projects available or copy one of your previous websites to give you the ultimate head start.

Activity stream

Keep your finger on the pulse and see in one glance what other designers, developers, content creators and clients have been up to.

User management

Give custom project access to designers, developers and end-clients for the Design, Developer and visual CMS application.

SiteManager experts

Hire professional web designers, front-end developers, back-end developers and copywriters for your next website project.

Cloud platform

No setup & maintenance cost.
One dashboard to manage all your projects. Enjoy 100% scalable hosting & automatic updates.

SiteManager Projects

A new place you will soon call home

Project Management

In the SiteManager Project Dashboard you can start new websites in one click. No hosting setup required. Start a blank project, use the SiteManager project library or copy a project you already built.

You are the project owner for every website you create. No other collaborators (designers, developers, CMS users) can delete or add paid modules to the website.

You can also browse and search for any website you created and login to make some changes.

User Management

As the project owner, you can add different users to the website.

SiteManager has 3 application levels: Design, Developer and CMS.

A graphic designer needs access to the Design and CMS application. Front-end developers need full-access, while a copywriter will only need CMS access.

In most website projects the end-client will also ask for a CMS login. You can configure this account with specific permission settings and a custom CMS login page.

Activity Stream

SiteManager tracks all actions performed in the platform by every project user and bundles them in one activity stream.

In one glance you can see when clients logged in and updated the website.

The activity stream is also a great tool to calculate how much time was spent in building the project. How much time spent on design and how much time was spent on development.

Part of SiteManager Studio

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Design responsive websites in the browser.


There is no limit to what you can built with the developer application.

Visual CMS

Enjoy an easy way to edit content for your website.

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