Schedule a training with on of our experts!

Master collaborative web design. Learn tips and trics from our web design coaches. Get a personal deep dive in our no code / low code platform. Discover stunning features to streamline your web design workflow.

These trainings are the ideal next step to complete your SiteManager onboarding or to train new teammembers in the platform. 


Trainings for content editors / marketeers

  • Training: SiteManager basics (3h)
    • dashboard, content editing, intro tot design app
  • Training: Content - Going live (30min)
    • How to set SSL settings, put project live, connect SSL (domain, subdomain, ...) and launch your project.
  • Training: Content - Redirects (30min)
    • How to set redirects in SiteManager (404 error pages, url to url, webforward, ...)
  • Training: Content - SEO basics (45min)
    • page properties, sitemap, redirects How to optimize a page in SiteManager: install SEO modules, set page properties, add sitemap, set redirects, add trackers, etc.


Trainings for designers / marketeers

  • Training: Design - basics (1h)
  • Training: Design - grid editor (1h)
  • Training: Design - grid editor (1h)


Trainings for coders

  • Training: Code - basics (2h)
  • Training: Code - custom database (3h)
  • Training: Code - create Design Panels (2h)


Feature based trainings

  • Training: Forms koppelen dmv integraties (1h)
  • Training: Ecwid integratie (1h)



SiteManager Studio

Collaborative web design platform

An intuitive no-code editor for designers to build CMS driven websites at lightning speed.
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A powerful front-end code editor to unleash your creativity. Built custom back-end solutions and integrations.

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An easy-to-use visual content editor built from the ground up for non-technical end-clients.
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Empower your team to work together more efficiently in smart timesaving technology.
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