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    Ben - Copywriter

Stop guessing what your content might look like. Experience visual CMS!

An editor's dream

Most (open source) Content Management Systems are created by developers for developers
SiteManager CMS is built from the ground up for non-technical users

The user experience is intuitive and easy to grasp due to an innovative visual interface.
Focus solely on the job of editing content. Don't worry about code or design.

Ben's story

Ben used to edit content in WordPress and Joomla. He had to perform many actions to get the desired result. The modular approach had a steep learning curve, and he was always worried he would break the site. When plugins failed, they need to redo the work. Some sites even got hacked and crashed.

Since the agency started using SiteManager, Ben's professional life got a lot better. When he edits content in the visual CMS he immediately experiences the end result before publishing.

CMS Features & Benefits

6 reasons why Ben loves SiteManager

Visual CMS

With the visual content editor, you only need to focus on editing content. View your updated changes in real-time, before publishing.


Design and development are managed separately from the content editor. Don't worry about breaking the design or code.

Upgrade Store

Get access to our ever-growing library with hundreds of pre-coded page components and CMS features like file management.

Copy Content

Copy entire pages or copy specific pieces of content. Move content between pages. Set specific content invisible for publishing.

Language Management

Enjoy central editing when multiple languages are added to your website. Set specific content visible or invisible per language.

Multiple Layouts

Switch among available layouts per page and your content will adapt. Designers can update layouts without deleting your content.

How does SiteManager CMS work?

Maximum flexibility & easy to learn for non-tech-savvy users

Drag & drop editing

The SiteManager Visual CMS needs no manual. Simply drag and drop content components on your page. Double click on your content to open the form popup modal. The content will update automatically when you are done editing.

We have chosen to work with form modals over inline editing. First, it allows developers to ask for additional information that's not visible on the page. Think alt and title tags for pictures, which have a huge SEO influence. It also allows the content creator to edit content in multiple languages simultaneously, which can be a real time-saver.

Upgrade store

The upgrade store is a huge library of page components and CMS features. Every month new features and components are added. During development, designers and developers will set up the components and features needed for the project. Developers can even edit and create custom components for the project.

We recommend excluding access to the upgrade store for end-client CMS users. Otherwise the project might get bloated with unused components. It also helps design control and brand consistency.


SiteManager is an open platform that can integrate easily with all API-driven web applications. There are several integrations available in the upgrade store: Mailchimp, Facebook, YouTube, Disqus, Flickr, Teamleader, etc.

Designers can style these components in the design application. This creates a look and feel that is seamless for the integrated application.
Developers can build their own integrations.

What editors say

    My customers enjoy editing their content online. They love the clean, easy-to-use and inuïtive interface of SiteManager CMS. It’s a great added value in my proposal towards new clients.

    Katrien Dossche - F1 plus

    The SiteManager platform is ingenious. Foolproof for me and my customer. Very cool!

    Yves Peeters - Tricoteuse

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