2019/10/07 15:26:56

Why You Should Build Websites as a Graphic Designer

Alexander Hoogewijs

Most graphic designers get asked to design a website now and then. More than ever, clients expect an all-in-one service and a website is just part of that full package.

There are a couple of ways you can cater these clients.

But let’s first dig into the question: why should you even start building websites yourself?

Four Reasons Why Building Websites Will Improve Your Business

1. You Can Offer a Better Service

If you’re in the graphic design business, you’re competing in a global market. Freelance websites are packed with graphic designers willing to design that logo, flyer or poster for prices you just can’t compete with. The only leverage you have is great service.

"A big part of my job is making my clients worry less. I want to provide them with a single point of contact. If they have a problem with print, emails or websites, I want them to be able to call me."
- David Raes (Graphic designer)

Perhaps you’ve already got a good relationship with your client. They trust you and you know their brand and personality.

By adding web design to your services, you can become a one-stop-shop for your clients.

2. You Can Increase Your Revenue

It’s always easier to sell something new to an existing customer, than selling something to a new customer. Because you’ve already worked with your clients, they already know you and know you'll get the job done.

Adding web design to your services will help you get additional revenue that your clients would’ve been spent elsewhere.

3. You Can Get More Exposure

As a graphic designer it’s not always easy to get credit for your work. But in web design, it’s very common to place your name at the bottom of the page. This can get you more exposure and bring more new clients to your doorstep.

4. You Can Become Less Dependent on Partners

A lot of graphic designers start working together with freelancers to build their projects. But this puts you in a very difficult position: what if your freelancer bails on you?

"I used to work with a freelancer to set up websites for my clients. I was totally dependent on him. But at some point he said he didn’t have the time anymore."
- Sylvie (Web and Graphic Designer)

New ways to get started with Web Design as a Graphic Designer

You might’ve thought about getting started with web design before, but you might have been spooked by people telling you about the steep learning curve.

What if we told you that’s not necessarily true?

While it used to be necessary to be a programmer to set up websites, that. There are ways to create websites with just notions of HTML and CSS.

SiteManager is a platform that can help you build stunning websites for your clients.

No Technical Knowledge Required!

Our easy-to-use design editor enables you to start building websites without much technical knowledge. Working in the editor feels very similar to working in graphic design software.

You're Never Alone

If you do run into problems, that's fine. SiteManager has a dedicated support team ready to help you out. Our Pro Studio also comes with an effective training that will help you get started in no time!

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Start designing from scratch or from predefined themes. Everything is instantly coded and ready to be filled with content. With the all-in-one solution you no longer have to waste time on hosting setup, maintenance or security.

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