SiteManager Studio

Website solutions for agencies and creative teams.

We go beyond being a mere technical platform for our clients. 

Our role is to assist creative teams in actual web design and development, enabling them to bring their vision to life.

Are you interested in receiving assistance with creating a website? Do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We are more than happy to provide support!

A comprehensive website has been developed specifically for these services, providing detailed explanations. However, it is currently available only in Dutch, as the majority of our clients for these cases are from Belgium and the Netherlands.

If you are not fluent in Dutch but desire to expand your knowledge on the subject, we have crafted a concise explanation on this page.

We co-create websites together with your team in SiteManager technology.

Collaboration produces results!

Willy Naessens loves you

Why choose for SiteManager Studio?

Our team of professionals utilizes the advanced SiteManager technology to collaboratively create high-performance websites for your customers.

We cater to a wide range of clients including creative studios, graphic designers, agencies, and marketing teams who have already placed their trust in our services.

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How can we help your team?

Our team is experienced in understanding the operations of agencies and creative studios. We are prepared to assist your team in collaborating to successfully launch websites for your clients.

Software Integrations

Connecting your website with other software platforms?

From design to website

We construct the website while you establish the brand.

Website Analyses

Determining the true requirements of the end-client.

Website migrations

Is it time to update your CMS?

Workshops & training

Learning the ins and outs of the platform.

Let’s build together!

Partner with us and trust our talented team to bring your vision to life.

Including SiteManager's technical analysis in our proposal to the client is always a great advantage.

Michiel De Wit
Cross Media Designer

It is pleasing to observe the SiteManager team acknowledging the unique requirements of creative teams.

Emilie Danneels
Digital Project Manager

With even the most difficult project, I can rely on the expertise of the SiteManager team to provide technical analysis and guidance.

Jilles Sel
Founder & CEO

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