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Activate your account and start building your website! You don't need a credit card to get started, and you won't be stuck to a long trial period. This is your shot at creating beautiful websites. 

SiteManager Studio



* Per month billed annually, or +15% billed monthly.

1 User (studio owner)
You are the owner of your studio account and company settings. In the add-on section you can add team members with different roles and restrictions to your account. You can also easily collaborate with other companies or freelancers within the platform.
Design fully functional responsive CMS-driven websites with our powerful no-code editor.
Code unique web components without compromise at lightspeed. Integrate custom back-end with our API call function. Enjoy the most advanced browser-based code editor for web design.
Visual CMS
Experience a powerful visual CMS that works perfectly for designers, developers & non-technical end-clients alike. You can add an unlimited amount of CMS users to any project.
A dashboard to manage all your websites in the cloud. Enriched with an in-app learn center, AI driven analytics and powerful collaborative tools.
1 Staging project (draft)
Start with 2 staging (draft) projects. You can upgrade in the add-on section of your account. There is no limit to the amount of live projects with hosting plan you can have.
2 Online meeting rooms

Get a personal studio meeting room and one meeting room you can add to a project. Quickly start online meetings with your colleagues and end-clients in no time.

Studio Add-Ons

+ Studio Support

Got a question? No problem! Send us a ticket and get an answer within 24 business hours.

+ 1 User (team member)
Add a team member to your account. Team members have access to all your projects. Depending on their role (admin, member, CMS user) they can have different permissions. You can give team members access to all available SiteManager environments (design, code, cms).
+ Co Branding

Add your logo to the SiteManager CMS for your end-clients. Set-up a personalized login screen. Add up to 3 extra buttons (linked to personal or support pages) on the topbar of the CMS.

+ 10 Private Library Slots

Store your custom page and layout components in a personal library. Add them with one click in other projects. Share with company team members.

+ 10 Staging (draft) projects
Add extra projects to your staging area. These draft projects can be used work in process or personal templates for you and your team.
+ Unlimited meeting rooms
Add a meeting room to every project you own. Removes the restriction of one personal meeting room and one project meeting room.
+ AI analytics & data room

Historical data and machine learning are used by artificial intelligence (AI) to calculate (design) intensity, (code) complexity, and project scope of your website. With this data you can analyse your project efficiency.

* Per month billed annually, or +15% billed monthly.

Hosting Plan


Premium Cloud Hosting
Unlimited bandwidth (fair user policy). 1 GB webspace. Servers maintained by our partner Combell.
Free SSL
Add a free SSL Certificate to your website. Powered by Cert Center.
Visual CMS
Give end-clients custom access to the visual CMS.
Daily backups
If something horrible went wrong we can always restore your project using our daily server backups. All backups are stored for 30 days.

* Per month billed annually.

Hosting Plan Add-Ons

+ Collections

Add an unlimited amount of collections to your project. Used for:

Real-estate listings,

+ Language Management
+ Webshop (ecwid)

Different plans depending on the number of products.

Starter €72/y (10 products)
Venture €144/y (100 products)
Business €360/y (2500 products)
Unlimited €480/y (unlimited products)

+ Logic

Different plans depending on needed features.

Free (one group).
Access logic €4/m (unlimited groups).
AB logic €5/m.
Time Logic (€5/m).
Smart API (€5/m).

+ Premium SSL

Choose between

Business (€105/y)
Enterprice (€225/y).

* Per month billed annually.