2019/10/08 14:43:11

New features: Multi-language module update, database update, submenu URL

Alexander Hoogewijs

Here at SiteManager we're constantly working on new updates and new features to improve our platform and speed up the web development proces. Let's take a look at the most important platform updates from April:

🌎 Multi-language module update

We've updated the multi-language module with a valuable new feature. When adding a new language to your project, you can now choose to copy all content from another language.

With the copy content feature, the new language will already be filled with titles, text, images, etc. This will make it much easier to add new languages and build multi-language websites.

✅ Database update: Select multiple categories

With this new update you can select multiple categories for your database renderlist or list view. This allows you to create different views by selecting specific categories.

For example: An events website has a database with concerts, live shows, comedy, theater, and private events. On your homepage you could display all categories, except the private events category, and on anther page you could add a renderlist that only shows the items in the comedy & theater categories.

🔗 Submenu URL

Until now, our platform only allowed a simple URL structure:

With this new feature you can create more complex URL structures containing a submenu. The Submenu URL is active on all new projects, but is not available (yet) for older projects.

For example: a project for a cleaning service with a page services and subpages cleaning, laundry, and plants. You can now create this URL for the subpages:

For a complete list of all our updates and new features, visit the platform updates page.

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