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SiteManager Studio


Enfold your vision,
code without compromise.

Create unique web components at lightspeed, with the worlds most advanced browser-based code editor for web design.
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No limitations or restrictions, you are in full control.

Our code editor enables you to manage HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript in the browser. Every single component can be tweaked and built from scratch. Add custom CMS and design functionalities without back-end coding.
If you can envision it, you can create it.

Structured and organized, perfect for collaboration.

Page, layout, and database components are segmented in code blocks with behavior settings. HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are edited in separate panels. This results in a structured environment with a zoomed-in focus. Making it easier to fix bugs and work with other coders.

Write readable code, get an excellent PageSpeed score.

When the website is published, the HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript get compressed and combined into new assets. Image files are compressed depending on their type when uploaded. With the PageSpeed module, you can tweak all compression settings.
Get perfect scores with zero effort.

It's a very user-friendly platform where, as a web developer, I can use my creativity without being limited.

Lino Meert

Code Features


Create structured content that can be displayed in feeds anywhere on your site.

Perfect for blogs, catalogs, real-estate, portfolio, and many more.

Private Libraries

Store your custom page and layout components in a personal library.

Add them with one click in other projects. Share with company team members.

Built-in code editor

Pick your favorite skin. Use autocompletion or emmet plugin for faster coding. 

Enjoy a live preview panel, master CSS classes, and much more.


Select pre-built integrations from our component library or built your own.

With the API call function, you can pull data from any server into your website.

Smart Content

Get smart, add logic to your website. 

Create personalized content, set-up A/B testing pages, or add protected content to your project.


Distribute content from one project to another with our multisite solution.

Manage all websites from the central project dashboard.


Configure a tool stack for your client with links to all his apps.

Integrate your custom back-end solution in the SiteManager CMS.

Tokens & API keys

Set-up project-wide tokens that can be used in any type of component.

Manage which API Keys are available for the CMS user to edit.

Cookie Banner

Configure your cookie settings and make your project GDPR compliant. 

The cookie libraries will only be loaded on the site after accepting it. 

Automate and optimize your workflow with code Snippets.

Built custom components in minutes using Snippets.

  • single elements (text, image, buttons, ...)
  • structures (cards, grid, flex containers, ...)
  • collections (forms, masonry, tabbed content, ...)

Work smarter and remove repetitive coding.

Pull data from your server using our API call function.

Add your custom data or SAAS integration to the website.

  • Live Call (on the web page)
  • Publish Call (when the website is published)
  • Pre-render Call (for dynamic pages)
Enjoy the most open cloud platform for building unique solutions.

Project Showcase

Built by SiteManager Agencies

  • Willy Naessens Group
    Willy Naessens streamlined their 20+ website management to one central multisite environment running on SiteManager technology.
  • Horeca Comeback
    Built in 3 days to support the catering industry during the COVID19 health crisis. Deep integration with the Resengo software platform.
  • Immo BC
    Two Impress
    Multilingual website with unique design, search, and filter options. All real-estate data is being pulled from the whise.eu CRM platform. 

SiteManager Studio

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