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Write, edit, and publish.

Experience a powerful visual CMS that works perfectly for designers, developers & non-technical end-clients alike.

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Enjoy a visual CMS that works with all kinds of content.

The SiteManager CMS can edit more than text and pictures. From links, colors, and media input to database lists and smart content. The different configurations are limitless. Content is connected to a page, a layout, or a database. Get instant feedback with a live preview before publishing your updates online.

Packed with rich SEO features for optimal search results.

Take full control of your SEO settings. Fill in your page titles, descriptions, alt & meta tags, open graph, canonical URLs, and structured data. Our fully automated page speed engine is engineered for SEO. It compresses your uploaded images and pages for Google's PageSpeed Insights. 

Collaborate easily with colleagues and end-clients.

As a graphic designer, you can design with real CMS content. Front-end developers can code CMS driven components without back-end programming. The UX is constructed from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to grasp for non-technical users. Don't worry about end-clients breaking your code or design.

My customers enjoy editing their content online. They love the clean, easy-to-use and inuïtive interface of SiteManager CMS. It’s a great added value in my proposal towards new clients.

Katrien Dossche

Content Features

Media library

Upload media files to a central library. Organize your files in folders.

Images get compressed and converted into versions with optimal mobile dimensions.

Client access

Take full control. Invite clients to the CMS when the project is ready to be edited.

Set custom restrictions per user for an optimal experience.


Add the Ecwid multichannel e-commerce solution to your project in a click.

Sell on your website, social media, marketplaces, and live in-person.

Image editor

Crop, rotate, flip, and enhance your images with Instagram-like filters.

Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, clarity, exposure, shadows, ...

Copy function

Copy pages, content components and data entries with ease.

Move entire sections to other web pages. Set visibility properties.

Component library

Add a variety of pre-build content components to your site.

Every library component can be tweaked by coders and graphic designers.


Collect data per type and show it anywhere on your site.

Set relationships between entries. Add filters and categories.


Add dynamic HTML embeds and plugins from any integrable application.

Browse our library of rich 3rd party integrations for quick installation.


Activate a search bar on your website. Analyse search analytics.

Set-up which content and databases are available for searching.

Translate and localize for any number of languages.

The CMS infrastructure is set-up for unlimited language support. All of your site’s content can be localized to target particular languages and territories.
Not finished translating? You can temporarily deactivate a specific language from publishing while still working on it in the CMS.

Personalize the experience with smart content.

Change the content based on the interests or past behavior of the viewer. Personalized CTAs perform 202% better. Set-up A/B testing pages or add password-protected content to your project. Get an edge over the competition and pitch smart websites when meeting potential clients.

Project Showcase

Built by SiteManager Agencies

  • De Frietist
    Digital Leaders

    Digital leaders created this website for "De Frietist" with integrated webshop.

  • Solid Food
    A solid food story about quinoa and the Peruvian plateau of Ayacucho.
  • Bread brothers
    A webshop for a group of artisan bakers designed by APT.

SiteManager Studio

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An easy-to-use visual content editor built from the ground up for non-technical end-clients.
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