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    Sarah - Graphic Designer

Stop wasting time with offline web design.
Design your websites in the browser!

Design That Works

A website design is not a static picture. It is functional. With our design-editor you can create beautiful web layouts directly inside the browser.

The days of slicing your design into HTML are over. Your work is mobile-friendly, CMS-ready and developer-friendly right from the start. No setup or hosting provider required. We call it design that works.

Sarah's story

Sarah used to design websites in Photoshop. She created different layouts for desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile screens. After the client approved the mock-ups, she had to wait for ages until Steve, her freelance developer, coded the website and set up the CMS. For every small change the client requested, Sarah depended on the availability of Steve. Feeling frustrated, Sarah started looking for a better solution.

Today Sarah is happy using SiteManager. She is in complete design control and only has to call upon Steve for custom development.

Design Features & Benefits

6 reasons why Sarah loves SiteManager

Design inside the browser

With the fast and fluid design-editor, you can create responsive layout structures in minutes. Update feedback changes in real-time.

Design consistency

Content and design are managed separately. Add a color palette, custom web fonts, Adobe Typekit and build a unique website.

Code free design

Get access to our ever-growing library with hundreds of design elements that are pre-coded and ready to use.

CMS-driven design

Every layout you design is automatically linked to the SiteManager Visual Content Management System (CMS).

Tablet and smartphone

While designing, you can switch between different devices (and rotate!) in your preview window. Amazing design on every screen.

Developer friendly

Developers can edit every design and content library element available. They can also code new custom elements for your website.

How does SiteManager Design work?

Easy to learn! Get started in 3 steps

Step 1: Create page layouts

SiteManager's design editor gives you the power to create responsive page layouts in a couple of minutes. Simply add different elements to the header, content and footer section of your page. All elements can be styled and tweaked in any way you like.

Every layout you built produces clean, semantic HTML, CSS and JavaScript code, fully editable with the developer application.

Step 2: Color palette and style

You can set and change the color palette for the website at any time. The color palette is used as a high-level asset.
When you edit the color palette all changes will be immediately applied.

On the highest level, you have a general set of elements you need to style. These elements include: fonts, buttons, headers, etc. There are several predefined web styles to start from, ranging from wireframe looking sketch styles to clean & minimal.

Step 3: Content styling

In SiteManager, design and content are managed in different interfaces. Still, they remain connected: the general style of every CMS page component can be changed in the design editor. When the content creator uses this component, it will look exactly like you, the designer, intended.

It is even possible to create a style instance of the component on a specific page. This way you can create a unique design for this component that does not affect the general style of the component.

What designers say

    When I look at it now, switching my web design tool to SiteManager was a small change for me but had a big impact for my business and customers. I strongly recommend colleagues to start working with the platform.

    Bert Jonckheere - Lingra

    These WordPress templates are not made for editing. I started losing time and I got frustrated. It just took me too much time and energy, it wasn’t fun anymore. I also underestimated the time spent to update the WordPress versions on my server.

    Sofie Liesenborghs - APT

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