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Be one of the first to experience a new way of designing websites. Build & style stunning page components using our leading grid design system.  
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Breakpoint Control

Configure your own breakpoints. Experience in real-time how these changes affect your component. Optimising web pages for tablets and mobile has never been this easy.

Smart Snapping

Drag and snap your elements inside the configured grid blocks. You can also drag the element outside the grid and let it snap it to the border. A simple way to create fluid design components.


The world's first collaborative web design platform for agencies and professionals. It powers a highly functional design, code, project, and content environment. The Grid Editor will be seamlessly integrated, using all existing SiteManager features that our users love.

Adjustable Layers

All elements inside your component are stacked in layers. Either as a single or grouped inside a structure (ex. card). Enjoy design features: lock or unlock, visible or invisible, bring an element to front or back. 

Flexible Grid settings

The grid is highly customisable. Adjust the container and gutter width. Set the number of columns and rows for each breakpoint and define precisely the gab between them.

Grid Editor - Private Beta

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