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SiteManager vs Elementor

Meet your new way of working. 

We built SiteManager to outrun conventional web
design platforms like Elementor. SiteManager
guarantees unmatched page speed, the latest
on-page SEO Checker, native multilingual
modules, and eliminates repetitive work.

Perform live, design better

Streamline your creative process and keep your team aligned with our Real-Time Collaboration tool. Build together and keep track of your team’s progress. 

Unifying skilled creatives

Our platform unifies designers, developers, project managers, and clients to create stunning websites with excellent design precision. 

Less plugins, more speed

We believe plugins belong to the past. With SiteManager, you no longer have to worry about a scattered design tool stack. Once you come in, you never have to leave again. 

Compose your team effortlessly

Full permission control

SiteManager offers extensive permission management and implemented best practices like inline editing for content and images.

Enhance efficiency

CMS automation for busy designers

Our platform automates away the pain of handovers and redundant tasks by offering a no-code design system that is open for developers. You can add custom CMS fields without significant development efforts with more customisation possibilities than Elementor. 

It's a user-friendly platform where, as a web developer, I can use my creativity without being limited.

It’s all about speed

SEO at your fingertips

Are you ready to double your search traffic? SiteManager offers an advanced SEO page-checker without the need for an additional plugin. Due to our structured data, you can easily create powerful SEO descriptions, open graphs, and page speed modules.

Fluent in any language

Native multilingual module

Well-designed websites cater for the needs of their users. Our native multilingual module makes it easy and accessible for your visitors to tune in from anywhere in the world. Unlike Elementor, the need for an extra plugin is obsolete. 

We use SiteManager to build design systems. This improves the collaboration between designer, coders, and end-clients.

Launch with peace of mind

From staging, to go-live

Publish your site to SiteManager’s built-in hosting network and say goodbye to ongoing updates, plugin fixes, security patches, and maintenance. Great for rapidly exploring new ideas while keeping iterations simple.

The power of partnerships

Better customer support

A five-star product also means five-star support. Dedicated to providing top-notch, proactive customer service, we are here 24/7 to support you on any requests, questions or recommendations.  

Erik Bergkamp

Front-end developer

Helena Jansen

Content Manager

Bringing the team back together

Experience fully collaborative web creation from idea to launch and beyond.

Wim Drika

Site Owner

Noor Diederick

Graphic Designer