2023/06/14 16:00

How we built WEB32 with OG Studio

Join us for the NFT Experience Show, episode three, where we'll be speaking with Gilles Den Haese, Co-Founder of OG Studio, Ox32, and WEB32. Gilles has a wealth of experience in building communities and connecting WEB3 enthusiasts with brands and marketers.

WEB32 is Belgium's top event for WEB3 and MetaVerse, and Gilles played a significant role in its success. In the upcoming second edition on September 27th, a new token gated website has been launched, with discounted tickets available for previous NFT holders.

We'll also share some behind-the-scenes tips on how OG Studio leveraged SiteManager and Venly to build and manage NFT Experiences without coding. Join us to learn more about how NFTs can build communities, increase fan engagement, and foster loyalty.

What we'll cover

  • Introduce OG Studio and Web32
  • Introduce Gutz Ticketing and GetProtocol
  • Why distribute event tickets as NFTs ?
  • How to bring ticketing even more to the blockchain? 

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