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10 Tips for Web Design That Drives Sales

Alexander Hoogewijs

So your website is killing it when it comes to traffic and rankings. You have done what many other websites in and out of your niche can only dream of achieving. And if your conversions, particularly sales, are doing well too, then congratulations are definitely in order.

It takes a lot of hard work to draw in visitors and have Google reward your site with better rankings. Then again, not all websites that get a lot of traffic and have prime positions in the SERPs are as fortunate when it comes to conversions.

While you may have to make adjustments on a lot of aspects of your website, perhaps giving your web design a closer look should be at the top of that list. Web design takes care of how your site looks, but it can also impact sales, which is the ultimate conversion.

Here are 10 tips for web design solutions that can help drive sales.

1. A superb landing page

Your landing page is where everything starts, where you get the leads that will hopefully lead to a conversion. To make it more enticing to visitors, it must have a compelling headline, a high-quality image, and a clear and superbly-written description of your offer.

2. Short contact forms

There may be some people who enjoy filling out long forms, but most of us don’t, so your contact form should be as short as possible. Ask only for a name, email addresses, and a zip code.

3. A prominently-placed CTA button

Your call-to-action button should be easy to spot so put it above the fold. To make it even more visible and attention-catching, make the CTA button red or orange.

4. Easy navigation

So your SEO efforts are paying off, and more and more people are now trooping to your website. The problem is, more and more people are dropping it too.

If your site has a high bounce rate, it’s possible that exploring your site takes a lot of effort and patience. The site itself may be cluttered, and a search feature is non-existent.

Making your site a whole lot easier to navigate is one of the best solutions to a high bounce rate. Put in clickable elements, and put up a search feature that actually works. People are likely to stay longer if exploring your site is a breeze, and that should boost your chances of getting a higher conversion rate.

5. Speed up your page loading time

Everyone’s in a hurry these days, and no one has the time to wait for a page that takes 10 seconds or more to load. So call your hosting company for an upgrade, minimize redirects, minify your codes, optimize images, or do a number of other things that can help boost your website loading speed.

6. Make videos

Well-written content is good, but videos tend to get more attention because not only are they more engaging, but they’re always easier to consume than any reading material. Just make sure your videos are short and sweet though. Make it about two to three minutes long, and it should be fine.

7. Give away free stuff

Tweak your website and put in an announcement that you’re giving away stuff, and people will surely make an effort to be at the receiving end of your freebies, whether they’re actual things like stationery, stickers, or pens, or something like free shipping.

8. Flaunt those badges

Any trust, security, and award badge your site has received deserves a prominent and permanent place on your website. With them in full display, people will see that you are, indeed, trustworthy, and therefore worthy of their business.

9. Testimonials

People trust the opinion of other people who have availed of your products and services, so if you have satisfied customers, why not ask them for testimonials that you can feature in your website? As long as they consent to provide their real names and even contact information, their testimonial will go a long way in convincing other visitors that your offerings are awesome.

10. Make your site responsive

We all know that mobile users already outnumber those who use desktop computers to surf the Internet. We also know that gap is only going to widen with each passing day. Even more apparent is the fact that most, if not all, of these mobile users do their shopping on their smartphones and tablets, and would want the sites they buy stuff from to display well on their devices.

So if you want to reach the broadest audience possible and boost your sales, you have to make your website more responsive now. There is no better time to make your site more mobile-friendly.

While the changes suggested above are by no means a guarantee that sales will skyrocket as soon as you implement them, they will, at the very least, better your chances of improving your sales.

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