2019/10/08 14:29:27

New features: Master components & Facebook pixel integration 🔥

Alexander Hoogewijs

Our developers have been busy bees in March. We've created a cool new feature called Master components and we've made it easier to add a Facebook pixel to your SiteManager projects.

Let's take a look...

💡 Master Components

Filling up your design with code is a time-consuming job. We noticed that a lot of our users weren't using the components library anymore. Instead they simply copy and move existing components to other pages so they were pre-filled.

That's why we've created a new feature called Master Components.

With the new feature, you can turn an existing component into a Master Component. This means that any time you drag and drop the component into a page, it'll automatically copy the content from the Master Component. You can then start editing the pre-filled component.

Master components will greatly reduce repetitive work when filling up projects and will make our visual CMS more intuitive. Your clients will no longer have to dive into the options to copy a component. Instead, they can simply drag a component into a page and it'll be automatically filled.

We've also created a new permission so you can deny your clients the option to turn components into master components.

👍 Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is one of the most powerful advertising tools. By adding a few lines of code to your project, Facebook can track website visitors and gather data. Data you can use to target specific audiences with ads.

With SiteManager it's no longer necessary to dive into the code of your project. With the new integration for the Facebook pixel, all you need to do is to paste the Facebook pixel ID into the field.

Find the Facebook pixel integration in our upgrade center.

Make sure to take a look at our step-by-step guide on how to create and add a Facebook pixel to a SiteManager project.

💣 R.I.P. Bottom Margin Dragger

We're also saying goodbye to one of our older features: the margin dragger. This feature was a remainder from a time when SiteManager was still just a CMS. Since we've created the design editor, there are better ways to change the margins of components.

The dragger is disabled by default on all new projects, but existing projects still have it enabled. You can disable the dragger manually by heading to the project setup in the developer application.

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