SiteManager Release webinar: 21/04/2021 - 5PM CET*

* Recorded version available at opt-in. 

About SiteManager

SiteManager Design, the brand new no-code engine for designers brings SiteManager's collaborative web design vision to the next level.

Since beta launch on 20th of January, numerous creatives tested, build and launched projects with this new powerful engine. We collected tons of valuable feedback. Thanks for that! Some of it already made the product roadmap and is now ready to release.

We're so excited and can't wait to show you around.


What will SiteManager release during this webinar? 

  • Platform Updates
    • The new integrated one-app experience
    • The new project navigation bar
  • Content Updates
    • Improved text editor
    • Inline editing for text and images
    • New library design
  • Design Updates
    • Introducing flex
    • Flexible layout options (grid/flex) for different breakpoints
  • Q&A


The world's first collaborative web design platform for agencies and professionals. It powers a highly functional design, code, project, and content environment. The Grid Editor will be seamlessly integrated, using all existing SiteManager features that our users love.