How to build a custom filter bar No-Code (nl)                               

Upcoming Webinar Wednesday


Wednesday, May 3th at 4PM CEST


For everyone interested using no-code filtering for dynamic content. This session will be given in Dutch. 


  • How to install dynamic content module
  • How to create a first collection
  • How to build a filter bar No-Code


In this webinar, you'll discover the capabilities of the Dynamic Content Module, a robust engine that enables the creation of various collections such as blogs, product listings, job overviews, and more.

With standardized structures featuring a list view and a detail page, these collections can become quite extensive. Fortunately, you can use filters to generate selections based on categories or other data elements.

Join us as we demonstrate how you can build filter bars No-Code! 

Erik Bergkamp

Front-end developer

Helena Jansen

Content Manager

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Wim Drika

Site Owner

Noor Diederick

Graphic Designer