Webinar: A new area of no code web design technology

Be one of the first to experience a new way of designing websites. Build & style stunning page components using our leading grid design system.

Live webinar: 21/04/2021 - 7PM CET*

* Recorded version available at opt-in. 

Grid Editor is a new visual design experience that gives designers more freedom in expressing their creativity. It will empower agencies, creative studios and digital freelancers to build flexible design systems. It will optimise your web design workflow and streamline the way how code, design and content blends together.

What you will learn when joining this webinar

  • Welcome
  • Intro: How to use design systems to scale your web design workflow
  • Main: Build & Style stunning components visually, using SiteManager's leading grid design system
    • The difference between snippets and components 
    • Set custom breakpoints to define mobile viewports
    • Manage grid setting for each breakpoint
    • Use layers to define visibility
    • Drag & drop snippets to build your component
    • Style your component
  • Wrap up: More information about the Beta program
  • Q&A

💥  There will be a beta reward for the first 500 websites built with SiteManager Grid 💥


The world's first collaborative web design platform for agencies and professionals. It powers a highly functional design, code, project, and content environment. The Grid Editor will be seamlessly integrated, using all existing SiteManager features that our users love.